want to begin by thanking Helene Moglen, a special teacher, scholar,
and friend, who has always been there for me and still is. She gave me the
gift of confidence. Thanks to Page duBois for telling me about the body,
about Lacan, and for showing me some wonderful possibilities of how to
be. And thanks again to Page for telling me that I had to start a writing
group. Thank you Della, Jane, and Joy for saying yes to every Friday. Della
Pollock enabled me to see performance again (and again), in ways that I
never imagined. Joy Kasson's integrity and insistence on clarity enriched
my approach to not only writing but also reading. Jane Blocker asked all
the right questions, without hesitation, and has helped me to see the end.
All three have been astute and enthusiastic readers of this book, and I
will always be grateful to them. Thanks to elin o'Hara slavick for loving
photographs with me, for opening my eyes, and for never being able to
wait. Thanks to Amy Ruth Buchanan for loving photographs with me and
for never backing down, intellectually or personally. Thanks to Hayden
White for Roland Barthes and for asking all those hard questions a long
time ago. Thanks to Stephen Heath for muddling Victorian sexuality for
me, as it should be, for opening up the doors of Cambridge to me, and for
the spring duck. Thanks to Patricia Patterson for telling me about utopias
and color.
lowe many thanks to individuals and research programs at the Univer-
sity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. I have had the joy of working with a
number of wonderful graduate and undergraduate students in various
seminars on Victorian culture; many of them have patiently and enthusi-
astically listened to the ideas presented in this book and have helped me to
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