This book had its origin in an international conference held at the University
of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in March ≤≠≠≠. Only the chapter by Derek
Williams was commissioned subsequent to the conference. We wish to thank
the following conference participants for their ideas, critical comments, and
contributions to the discussion, all of which have significantly influenced this
volume: Enrique Ayala Mora, Rossana Barragan, Kim Clark, Tom Cummins,
Carlos Espinosa, Thomas Fischer, Carlos Forment, Zephyr Frank, Michel
Gobat, Tulio Halperin, Sudir Hazareesingh, Peter Klaren, Thomas Krüg-
geler, Carlos Mamani, Nelson Manrique, Ulrich Mücke, Scarlett O’Phelan
Godoy, Andrew Orta, Vincent Peloso, Cynthia Radding, Frank Safford,
Mary Kay Vaughan, Mary Weismantel, and Norman Whitten. A companion
volume, including several papers from the March ≤≠≠≠ conference that do not
appear here, will be published in Spanish by Universidad Nacional Mayor de
San Marcos in Lima in ≤≠≠∑.
In preparing both the conference and this volume we received generous
help from the following persons: Anita Bravo, Peggy Cook, Clare Crows-
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