Many people provided support and encouragement
throughout the long process of writing this book. I first need to thank
Stella Cohen-Scali and Patrick Campistron for helping me translate my
original questionnaire into French. Michael Ansaldi, a true polyglot, de-
serves special mention for his tireless assistance in finding just the right
word so that I would not do a disservice to the original thoughts of those
I interviewed.
I also thank the twenty-nine frontistes who consented to be inter-
viewed for this project. Many of those interviewed have taken on in-
creasingly important roles within the Front's organizational framework;
their continued presence at the highest levels of the party's leadership
underscores the import of their voices. They were not only gracious, but
given the rigors of an election campaign they were surprisingly gener-
ous with their time. What sets this work apart from other published
works on the Front is that I have not substituted my voice for theirs.
The following people have cumulatively spent many hours in the
library tracking down sources for me: Jeff Albright, Eric Byer, Christina
Dickert, Carolyn Holmes, and Kelly Koczak. I thank them for their
support and help in bringing this project to fruition. Susan Roach,
interlibrary loan expert extraordinaire, deserves special recognition for
always going that extra mile to uncover sources that were often difficult
to obtain. Don Borock deserves special thanks for reading the manu-
script when others were unwilling to find the time.
I especially want to thank James Glenn, who proVided support and
research assistance above and beyond the call of duty. At the French
Embassy, Betrand Mercier de la Combe, was most helpful in providing
documentary support. And, in France, Albert Philippe provided research
support during those crucial moments when I was unable to uncover
what I needed in the United States.
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