Who Is Who in the Peronist Network
: Councilwoman of the municipality of Cóspito. Owner of
 called Three Generations, and main political broker in Villa
raíso and nearby areas. Former press secretary of the Peronist Pa
and former secretaryof social welfare of the municipalityof Cósp
: Matilde’s husband. Undersecretary of public works at the
nicipality of Cóspito
, ,  : Matilde’s sons. Pedro is a public emplo
at the municipality of Cóspito and private secretary to his fat
Adolfo. Paco is the president of the cultural center Jauretche, loc
half a block from Matilde’s  in front of her two-story home. H
married to Mimi.
: Matilde’s daughter-in-law. Coordinator of the largest st
sponsored food program in Cóspito City—the Plan Vida. The P
Vida distributes milk, eggs, cereals, and sugar in poor neigh
hoodsof BuenosAiresonadailybasisthroughblockdelegates.T
block delegates, mostly women working for free for the program
known as manzaneras of the Plan Vida. Mimi coordinates the twe
three manzaneras in Villa Paraíso.
: Matilde’s cleaning lady. Secretary of the cultural center
retche, and a manzanera of the Plan Vida.
: Matilde’s private secretary.
 : Known as ‘‘Cholo.’’ He has been working with/
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