russ altman
Russ Altman, md, PhD, is a scientist at Stanford University Medical School,
where he is a professor of bioengineering, ge ne tics, and medicine, and of com-
puter science by courtesy. He is chair of the Department of Bioengineering
and director of the program in Biomedical Informatics. Altman’s research
focuses on the application of bioinformatics to basic molecular biological
problems. Since the inception of the Human Genome Project, Altman has
played a leading role in the development of genomics database and bio-
informatics technologies and of the field of pharmacogenomics. He is a past
president and one of the founding members of the International Society
for Computational Biology. He is the principal investigator for the Pharma-
cogenomics Knowledgebase, a database that curates knowledge about the
impact of ge ne tic variation on drug response for clinicians and researchers.
He is also the principal investigator for the Ira nian Genome Project. Altman
received his ba in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Harvard Col-
lege and his md and PhD in Medical Information Sciences from Stanford.
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