This book is a living and breathing manifestation of transracial feminist
alliances; it has emerged out of conversations and through the generous
support of allies, whose faces intimate and humanize institutions. The
early vision for Power Lines emerged during my doctoral work at the
University of Washington under the wise and passionate mentorship of
Susan Je√ords, Raka Shome, David Allen, Tani Barlow, Nancy Hart-
sock, Saraswati Sunindyo, John Stewart, and Thomas K. Nakayama.
The vision unfolded over the course of my tenure at the University of
Iowa, where I received generous support from both my colleagues and
the administration. I am deeply grateful to Daniel Gross for the pro-
found insights that arose, and continue to arise, from his close reading
of my manuscript and his and Carla Wilson’s deep connection to my life;
to Claire Fox for her confidence in the project and her steady encourage-
ment; to Naomi Grayser’s reassuring presence; to Mary Trachsel for her
close reading; to Takis Poulakos, Vershawn Ashanti Young, and Bridget
Tsemo for pushing me to be clear. I thank the members of poroi
(David Depew, Thom Swiss, Barb Biesecker, John Nelson, Russell Val-
entino) for inviting me to expand my theoretical horizons and to mem-
bers of the Nonfiction Writing Program (Angela Balcita, Kerry Reilly,
Heal, Eula Biss, Bryan Goedde, Angela Autry) for encouraging me to
cultivate my writing voice. I am grateful for the generous support of the
University of Iowa’s O≈ce of the Vice President for Research, Jay Semel
and the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies Research Seminar Sti-
pend, the Department of Rhetoric, poroi, and the College of Liberal
Arts and Sciences.
My community and my family are the breath that gives life to all that I
create. In gratitude to my partner, Michaela Walsh, for her lyrical the-
orizing and warm meals, and to my mother, Alicia Rowe, for continuing
to grow with me. My long and deep alliance with Sheena Malhotra has
provided the clearest manifestation of transracial feminist alliances that I
know, as has the web of allies who’ve helped me to name what we do:
Kimberlee Pérez, Cricket Keating, Rebecca Clark, Francesca Royster,
Laila Farah, Vivien Ng, Lourdes Torres, Amira de la Garza, Tammy Ho,
and Julia Johnson, with special thanks to Ann Russo, Mab Segrest, Aída
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