glossary oF persian Terms and aCronyms
baruni: literally means raincoat, used to refer to a woman’s
female lover/very intimate friend
baruni-bazi: girl- on-girl playing
bilataklif: in a conundrum
daujinsi: literally “of two sexes,” it is the word used in contemporary
Persian for the intersex, the fiqhi word for which is the Arabic khunsá.
fiqh/fiqhi/faqih: Islamic jurisprudence/jurisprudential/jurist
hamjins- gara’i: same- sex orientation
hamjins- baz, hamjins-bazi: same- sex-player, same- sex-playing
huviyat- i jinsi: gender/sexual identity
ikhtilalat- i jinsi: gender/sexual disorders
insiraf: dissuasion
intibaq: compliance (with Islam)
iva- khvahar: literally means “o’sister,” used to mark male effeminacy
in a derogatory manner
jahil-i mahall: tough guy of the neighborhood
javanmardi: chivalry
jins: genus, kind; more recently, sex/gender
kuni: literally “anal,” used to refer to men presumed to be receptive
of anal intercourse with other men
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