Individual authorship is a false front, inasmuch as this project represents
my place in a network of relationships. Simply, this book would not have
been possible without the unqualified love of my family, the support of my
friends, and the guidance of my teachers. Kurt, Marilyn, Jordan, Jamie, and
Joshua Metzl have been unwavering in their enthusiasm from the instant I
decided to pass on my former life and came to Michigan to pursue a Ph.D.
My father sent me a stupid joke a day, my mother learned to email, my
brothers delivered flowers to celebrate when I succeeded and encouragement
when I was unsure. In the process of a potentially isolating undertaking,
they taught me, yet again, about the importance of belonging. My great
friends Elise Frasier, John Carson, Elizabeth Wingrove, and Gina Bloom
were always there, never tired of hearing me, and helped me find my voice.
Amanda Lewis and Tom G. Gugleilmo have been thoughtful readers and ex-
cellent critics. I also wish to thank John Greden, Pamela Trotman Reid, Earl
Lewis, and Tim Johnson for their support of my career and for their unique
abilities to think outside the box. On an institutional level, support from
the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program, the Rachel Upjohn
Clinical Scholars Program, the University of Michigan’s Institute for the
Humanities and Institute for Research on Women and Gender, and the Stan-
ford University Master’s of Liberal Arts Program have enabled my research.
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