Appendix 1
Contents and Characters of
The Whole Family, a Novel by Twelve Authors
1. ‘‘The Father’’
Cyrus Talbert; narrated by Ned Temple / William Dean Howells
2. ‘‘The Old-Maid Aunt’’
Elizabeth Talbert, also known as Lily / Mary Wilkins Freeman
3. ‘‘The Grandmother’’
Mrs. Evarts / Mary Heaton Vorse
4. ‘‘The Daughter-in-Law’’
Lorraine Talbert / Mary Stewart Cutting
5. ‘‘The School-Girl’’
Alice Talbert / Elizabeth Jordan
6. ‘‘The Son-in-Law’’
Tom Price / John Kendrick Bangs
7. ‘‘The Married Son’’
Charles Edward Talbert, also known as Peter and Charley Ned / Henry James
8. ‘‘The Married Daughter’’
Maria Talbert Price / Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
9. ‘‘The Mother’’
Ada Evarts Talbert / Edith Wyatt
10. ‘‘The School-Boy’’
Billy Talbert / Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews
11. ‘‘Peggy’’
Peggy Talbert / Alice Brown
12. ‘‘The Friend of the Family’’
Gerrit Wendell / Henry Van Dyke
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