thanks go to . . .
The ghost of Mariátegui for putting up with me.
Aaron and Marshall Bachelder for turning me
into a punk sometime around 1983.
Shad Gross for rad techniques made in Ohio.
Leigh Bush for mastering the web.
Motown for tongues, tears, and trumpets tied together
with dog collars.
Two “anonymous” readers for reading knowingly.
Gisela Fosado for saying yes Duke can, Lydia- Rose for
making stuff happen.
Las Perras de Bogotá por morderme sin intención de matar.
Marisol de la Cadena for the alienation effect.
Sandro Dogma for the MRR hook- up.
MRR for bringing the punks
(but not the decision to cleanse GG’s original title).
Newton Mori por darme una idea sin querer.
The people at Tepo who laughed when they were supposed to.
Alfredo Márquez porque al fondo siempre hay sitio.
Julio Durán por traducir semejante huevada.
Roos, Sonia, Olga, and Eric for helping Julio traducir
semejante huevada.
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