I got no metaphorical codas and sell no megaconclusions.
There’s just this urgent postscript about other possible interpretations of
underground rock, framed by different aesthetics and other pesky everyday
revolutions. Above all, I want to encourage all musical connoisseurs, and any
interested viewers, to explore a companion website designed specifically to
provide the audio that no book can contain and the colorful visuals that no
academic publisher can afford. To crank up the soundtrack and distort the
picture offered here, please visit
I also confess I’m a little obsessed with the relation of form and content
and get excited by the many thinkable voices, and funkier aesthetics, that
scholarly writers might employ to give life to complex thought—if only they
would. They often don’t because such things don’t “count” within the game
of scholarly prestige, peer review, and institutional career advancement (we
do still inhabit a medieval institution, after all). Because of that, I wanted
Punk and Revolution to become something more than just another academic
monograph. In reality, the book is the final outcome of an ongoing series of
interpretations around issues of voice, genre, aesthetic, authorship, media,
and audience. There’s a tad of Mariátegui here too since his original essays
appeared in other periodicals before he reworked them into Seven Interpreta-
tive Essays on Peruvian Reality: principally Amauta, the leftist journal Mariá-
tegui launched in 1926, and Mundial, an early twentieth- century emblem of
cosmopolitan journalism in Lima.
Anticipating the book, I did several things working across various media
and formats, and involving multiple collaborators. For example, I recorded
my own cds in Lima with some great rock- n- roll collaborators, including
the occasional cover song of subte bands I really dig. I contributed to the San
Francisco punk ’zine mAxImum rocknroll to publish a short three- part
series about the history of Peruvian punk. Fragments appear in the book, but
anyone interested can find the full series on the website.
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