Interpretation #1. Risks of Underground Rock Production
1. In the more technical Marxist sense, overproduction has to do with a corre-
lation of historical tendencies that inevitably lead toward repeated crises: the his-
torical drive toward technological efficiency in commodity production, the increas-
ing disproportion of dead (i.e., mechanized) to living (i.e., human) labor, and the
related tendency for profit rates to fall.
2. See the definition of “overproduce” at
/definition/english/overproduce?q=overproduce, accessed December 28, 2014.
3. The pursuit of artistic virtuosity, also one of punk’s objects of critique, is
clearly not exactly the same as aesthetic overproduction, in particular because of its
heavy association with the language of high (rather than popular or mass) culture.
But it is not entirely distinct either, since the “cultivation” of artistic skill and talent
involves a dedication to further aesthetic elaborations (and often enough presumes
other forms of institutionalization, e.g., conservatories, art school, etc.).
4. See,
accessed December 28, 2014.
5. For the uninitiated, the incident referred to here is the famous news head-
line from late 1976 that followed the Sex Pistols’ live interview appearance on Bill
Grundy’s show and had the double effect of scandalizing an entire nation and
announcing the existence of “punk rock” to most of an unaware world.
6. Other early cassettes released soon after First Dose include the compilation
titled Volume I, with songs by Leusemia, Zcuela Crrada, Guerrilla Urbana, and
Autopsia; a full- length cassette by Autopsia titled Sistema y Poder; and Volume 2,
which included thirteen newer bands. Dozens of others followed in subsequent
7. After seeing song titles like “Astalculo” (Gone to Shit), Virrey reluctantly
printed the lp, placed a moralizing consumer’s warning on the back (“The titles
and lyrics in this lp might harm your moral or religious background”), and refused
to promote the album.
8. The emotional reaction to Narcosis in Medellín was enormous. An underesti-
mation of the venue size resulted in a mass of punks being refused entry, at which
point an angry punk mob took over a public park and clashed with police, produc-
ing one fatality and dozens of injuries (see Monroy Giraldo n.d.).
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