A considerable part of this project’s thinking and writing time was funded
by an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant (2006–9), which also
facilitated conference and research travel. I also received a Research Pro-
motion Grant from the University of New South Wales to assist with the
final stages of the book’s compilation.
As this project covers quite a few years I owe a debt to an international
band of supporters who have at various times encouraged the direction of
my research and provided professional guidance and opportunity and al-
ways friendly good cheer. I am grateful to Heather Worth, Gail Weiss,
Penny Deutscher, Sha Xin Wei, Anna Yeatman, Prafulla Kar, Patricia Tici-
neto Clough, Gary Dowsett, Mariam Fraser, Myra Hird, Susan Squier, Lil-
yan White, Michal Reed, Anna Bennett, and, more recently, Nicole Vitel-
lone, Peta Hinton, and Florence Chiew.
I would also like to acknowledge my graduate student cohort. Because
the Australian postgraduate system has no coursework, the supervisory
relationship is one-on-one and extremely intense in its intellectual ex-
change and commitment. I am privileged to have supervised such a stellar
group of young scholars, many of them national award winners and medal-
ists, and I am sure my work has been improved by this environment.
Some colleagues deserve special mention. I have enjoyed the intellectual
company over the years of the remarkable polymath Tom Lamarre. A mine
of weird and wonderful references, he is never afraid to entertain their
wildest consequences. My good friend Liz Wilson has been a stalwart
supporter, providing hands-on assistance and encouragement with every
aspect of my career, facilitating professional connections, reading drafts of
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