This book was inspired and helped along by so many people. I hope that in
dedicating this book to several of them I am not diluting my thanks, but
expressing the depth and breadth of my gratitude. This book is, first of all,
for prism and Sangini. Thank you for letting me into your lives and your
work. I hope that you read in these pages my absolute respect and admira-
tion for you. Specifically in Sangini I want to thank Betu, Cath, and Maya;
in prism, Akshay Khanna, Gautam Bhan, Jaya Sharma, and Lesley Esteves.
Jaya and Lesley, this book is, in part, a love letter to you; a very long, ram-
bling, and weird love letter, I know, but a love letter all the same. I can’t
thank you enough for all you’ve done for me and meant to me and for how
you’ve changed the world. Other activists and thinkers and friends in India
I wish to thank are Alok Gupta, Arvind Narrain, Ashwini Sukthankar,
Chayanika Shah, Chatura, Deepa Nair, Elavarthi Manohar, Farah Vakil,
Geeta Kumana, Geeti Thadani, Jasmin Jagada, Maya Sharma, Nivedita
Menon, Ponni Arasu, Pramada Menon, Ranjana Padhi, Shaleen Rakesh,
Shalini Mahajan, Shobha Aggarwal, Sonali Gulati, Tarunabh Khatain, Tejal
Shah, Vikram Doctor, and Vinay Chandran.
Ann Arbor is a dear place to me for everything I learned there and for all
the time I spent within its intimate square mileage. This book is also for my
former adviser, Jennifer Robertson, who is even still my model teacher,
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