This book is the result of collaborative thinking. It is an experiment in
co- authorship, as the names on its front cover declare. But even more
than in other proj ects, we feel indebted to the people who have stimu-
lated, debated, and encouraged the thinking between its covers. This
has been a truly queer collaboration whose many participants have
nurtured and transformed how we think about cinema and the world.
This proj ect benefited at a critical stage from the support of the Arts
and Humanities Research Council (ahrc), which funded a series of
symposia and queer film events as part of the Global Queer Cinema
(GQC) research network. This network could not have happened
without the dedication of the brilliant Laura Ellen Joyce. During
the life of this grant, we were able to work with an inspiring group
of queer scholars, filmmakers, and programmers, including Cüneyt
Çakırlar, the late Suzy Capo, Rohit Dasgupta, David Eng, Campbell X,
Gayatri Gopinath, Catherine Grant, Samar Habib, Jim Hubbard, Ste-
phen Kent Jusick, Kam Wai Kui, Michael Lawrence, Song Hwee Lim,
Shamira Meghani, Nguyen Tan Hoang, Sridhar Rangayan, John David
Rhodes, B. Ruby Rich, Brian Robinson, Deborah Shaw, Juan Suárez, and
Patricia White. The conversations and work that was shared at these
symposia was invaluable for revisions to the book. More impor tant, the
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