The germination of this book began with conversations I had with
Judith Butler many years ago, and I am indebted to her for her steadfast
support and critical intelligence over these years. I also want to thank
Claudine Ang, Barney Bate, Kuan- Hsing Chen, Howard Chiang, Tamara
Chin, Cui Zi’en, Jonathan Culler, Brett de Bary, Naifei Ding, David Eng,
Dustin Friedman, Xiaopei He, Josephine Ho, Hans Tao- Ming Huang,
Andrew Hui, Andrew Jones, Wenqing Kang, Bill Kennedy, Dominick
LaCapra, Ruhong Lin, Lydia H. Liu, Jen- peng Liu, Colleen Lye, Nata-
lie Melas, Timothy Murray, Chris Newfield, Teng Kuan Ng, Jiazhen Ni,
Amie Parry, Rajeev S. Patke, Lisa Rofel, Neil Saccamano, Naoki Sakai,
Rebecca Gould, Shi Tou, Shu- mei Shih, Andy Chih- ming Wang, Wang
Fangping, Wang Ping, C. J. Wan- ling Wee, and Kenneth Wu for their
friendship and guidance.
Portions of this book were given as talks at National Taiwan Univer-
sity, Cornell University, Stanford University, Shanghai University, uc
Berkeley, Penn State University, Brandeis University, University of Syd-
ney, University of Miami, Hong Kong University, San Francisco State
University, National Central University, National Tsinghua University,
cuny Graduate Center, Brown University, and Yale University. I thank
the following colleagues for their warmth, feedback, and encourage-
ment: Andrea Bachner, Tani Barlow, Esther Cheung, Charles Egan,
Matthew Fraleigh, Eric Hayot, Gail Hershatter, Andrew Lynch, Tina Lu,
Kam Louie, Gina Marchetti, Annie McClanahan, Robin Miller, Gema
Pérez- Sánchez, Jeffrey Riegel, Carlos Rojas, Teemu Ruskola, Tze- lan
Sang, Shuang Sheng, Matt Sommer, Mirana Szeto, and Jing Tsu. Many
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