This book has been an enjoyable one to write. I never expected to end up
writing about queer tables, and I had fun with the unexpected arrivals. I extend
my appreciation to all of those who helped me, especially my family and
friends in Australia. I have been very fortunate to be in a writing group with
Mimi Sheller and Imogen Tyler. Thanks to you both for being astute and
careful readers of the entire text, as well as real buddies. Sarah Franklin has
shared numerous conversations with me about tables, lines, and other points,
and I have learned so much from her sheepish trains of thought. My appre-
ciation also goes to Ken Wissoker and Courtney Berger for their excellent
editorial support. Cheers to those who have hung out with me in London,
especially Simon O’Sullivan, Jonathon Keane, Elena Loizidou, Catarina
Landstrom, and Mariam Fraser. Thanks also to my diversity project team:
Elaine Swan, Sevgi Kilic, Shona Hunter, and Lewis Turner. It has been great
to be involved in an empirical project while writing this book because it has
given a di√erent ground to my work. I took up a new position at Goldsmiths
College during the time I wrote this volume, and I would like to thank my new
colleagues for providing such a friendly and engaging space in which to work.
And, finally, thanks to all those who attended seminars I gave at Leeds Metro-
politan University, Stony Brook University, University College Dublin, Lon-
don Metropolitan University, Durham University, Five Colleges Women’s
Studies Research Centre, Essex University, Goldsmiths College, and Kings
College for giving me feedback on di√erent parts of this project. I am espe-
cially grateful to all of those who supplied me with stories, anecdotes, and
references about tables.
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