A great number of people have contributed to the completion of this
project. I would particularly like to thank Jorge Dominguez for his peda-
gogical example, encouragement, and patience in reading extensive early
drafts of this work, as well as the other members of my dissertation com-
mittee, Grzegorz Ekiert and Steven Levitsky, for their guidance and sup-
port. Several people have been kind enough to read and respond to various
parts of this work. I would like to thank Richard Parker, Rosalind Pet-
chesky, Barry Adam, Paisley Currah, James Green, Berenice Bento, Claudia
Hinojosa, Peggy Levitt, Lisa Jean Moore, Amilcar Barreto, and Debanuj
Dasgupta for their enormously helpful feedback. My writing group in New
York City has become an invaluable space for creative exchange. I would
like to thank fellow members Grace M. Cho, Jean Halley, Ananya Mukher-
jea, Salvador Vidal-Ortiz, Hosu Kim, Sung Hee Yook, and Ron Nerio. To my
dear friend Grace M. Cho I owe special thanks for helping me find family
and community. I also owe a particular debt to Marianne Wifvesson for
her feedback and friendship; Adrián Palma for many helpful conversations
over coffee; Omar Feliciano for his emotional support and insights dur-
ing much of the time I was conducting research; and Michael Yarbrough
for the companionship, support, and intellectual exchange he generously
offered while I completed this book.
This project gave me the opportunity to make a number of new friends
and meet colleagues in Brazil and Mexico, many of whom contributed
by providing materials and generously offering their time. I would like
to thank all the people I interviewed, too many to name. But in Mexico I
would particularly like to thank Cecilia Riquelme, whose years in the activ-
ist movement are a source of inspiration to me, and Yan María Yaoyólotl
Castro, Antonio Medina, Enoé Uranga, David Sánchez Camacho, Manuel
Oropeza, Patria Jiménez, Trinidad Gutiérrez, José Ramón Enríquez, Danny
Cohen, Edgar Sánchez, Adriana Ortiz Ortega, and Juan Carvajal. I was also
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