First, we would like to thank our contributors for their infinite patience with
a project that has taken far too long to complete. Their faith in the book has
sustained us during this long process. Given the time-sensitive nature of their
contributions, their commitment is all the more extraordinary.
We have also received sustenance from those friends at Virginia and else-
where who have endured countless references to and discussions of the book
over many years. Matt Brown, Nick Frankel, James Hurley, Brent lanford,
Andrea levine, and Vance Smith have always been generous and wise inter-
locutors. Professors Eric loU and Deborah E. McDowell of the University of
Virginia prOVided us with important counsel; we thank them for their advice
at Virtually every stage of this project. Awards for patience and wisdom-
above and beyond the call of duty-must also go to the wonderful people
at Duke: Jean Brady, Richard Morrison, and, above all, our editor, Ken Wis-
soker. Ken shepherded this book through good times and bad; at times, he
seemed more a collaborator than an editor.
Our parents have helped us weather graduate school in many ways; they
have our appreciation.
last here, but foremost in our thoughts, we want to thank Kathy lavezzo
and Debra Morris-partners whose deep investment in matters both intel-
lectual and personal have made this book possible.
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