Primary Sources
american telephone and telegraph company archives, new york city
This archive was the major depository for complete sets of at&t manual reports;
Bell System periodicals; minutes of internal meetings; tra≈c, toll, personnel, ac-
counting, plant, publicity, and other conference reports; presidents’ letter books
and general managers’ letter books for letters up to the 1920s; general manage-
ment correspondence; training manuals; Bell System statistical manuals, 1920–
81; industry directories and other important documents. This archive is now lo-
cated in Warren, New Jersey.
bell system journals
Bell Laboratories Record
Bell Telephone Magazine
Bell Telephone Quarterly
Headquarters Bulletin
195 Magazine
The Telephone Review
chicago historical society, chicago, illinois
The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters Papers
communications workers of america archives, washington, d.c.
Depository for the J. A. Beirne Papers, a complete set of cwa convention proceed-
ings, and other union documents. These archives have been moved to the Univer-
sity of Iowa.
department of labor library, washington, d.c.
Contains union newspapers, government publications, and other primary mate-
rials relevant to labor history.
library of congress, washington, d.c.
Albert Sidney Burleson Papers
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Papers
national archives, washington, d.c.
Contain records of the War Labor Policies Board, records of the National War Labor
Board (World War I), records of the Post O≈ce Department, records of the Wom-
en’s Bureau, general records of the Department of Labor, and Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission records.
new york public library, schomburg center for research in black
culture, new york city
Anna Hedgeman papers
Benjamin F. McLaurin Papers
Ernest Thompson Papers
National Negro Congress Papers
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