introduc t ion
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5 In the juridical realm, the Gentleman’s Agreement (Act of 2 March 1907,
chap. 2534, §3, 34 Stat. 1228) between the United States and Japan worked
toward this type of racial specificity. The Japanese, agreeing to curtail emi-
gration from Japan, were exempted from U.S. laws barring Asian immigra-
6 In recent years, several well-known psychoanalytic feminist and queer schol-
ars have written books with individual chapters or sections exploring psy-
choanalysis and racial difference. See, for example, Mary Ann Doane,
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several African American feminist scholars have produced notable book-
length examinations of black novels through the lens of psychoanalysis. See
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and the Performance of Politics (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press,
1999). See also recent anthologies such as Elizabeth Abel, Barbara Chris-
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