9 Eugenio Pankararu taking a break from the midday sun.
13 Claudio Pankararu with his son, Iuri.
14 A Xacriabá family in Belo Horizonte.
15 Cristiano Xacriabá works at a macaroni factory.
20 A Kaxixó field hand.
27 Geralda Soares, Ivan Pankararu, Karakana Canoeiro, and
Dery-Valdo Pankararu.
28 A Crente Pataxó with Oswaldo Pataxó.
35 Cleonice Pankararu.
38 The author grinding coffee.
41 Aruara and Valdi Pataxó are the couple with whom I lived in
aldeia Guarani.
42 A Guarani Indian, married to a Krenak, preparing for an all-
night hunting excursion in the forests of aldeia Guarani.
43 Ritual cabana and satellite dish.
44 Washing laundry.
45 Te Pataxó washing dishes in the pond.
46 Cleide Pankararu bathing her youngest son,Wayrokrã.
47 Cleide Pankararu and Wayrokrã after his bath.
48 Some days in aldeia Apukaré, we would spend hours playing in
this river.
50 Antonieta Francisca da Silva cleaning beans.
59 DjalmaVicente de Oliveira showing me an archeological site.
75 Gonçaga Krenak, an ambulance driver in aldeia Guarani.
88 The sons of Joselino Gomes de Oliveira (Xacriabá), who was
murdered in 1987 in a land dispute with fazendeiros and
90 Jerry, a Vice Cacique of the Kaxixó, and his mother, Eva.
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