ceb: Comunidade Eclesial de Base (Ecclesiastical Base Community),
a grassroots Catholic organization inspired by liberationist Chris-
tianity.The aim is to facilitate both religious and socio-political in-
volvement by linking faith to life, by relating concrete societal and
opsinBrazilandinotherpartsof LatinAmerica,thousandsofthese
communities exist throughout the region.
cedefes: Centro de Documentação Ely Ferreira da Silva (Ely Ferreira
nization founded in 1985, is based in Belo Horizonte. Its stated ob-
jective is ‘‘to help strengthen popular movements by documenting
the history of the people and supporting them in their struggles in
order to build a more humane society.’’
cedi: Centro Ecumenico de Documentação e Informação (Ecumeni-
cal Center for Documentation and Education), a nongovernmental
organization, has been a major supporter of the indigenous move-
ment, indigenous communities, and research on issues relevant to
cimi: Conselho Indigenista Missionário (Indigenous Missionary
Council), a Catholic organization institutionally under the jurisdic-
tionofthe cnbb,wasfoundedin1972with‘‘thegeneralobjectiveof
helping to build the autonomy of Indians as peoples who are ethni-
callyand culturallydifferent, and to contribute to the strengthening
cnbb: Conferência Nacional dos Bispos do Brasil (National Confer-
ence of Brazilian Bishops).
cpt: Comissão Pastoral da Terra (Pastoral Land Commission).
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