1. Describe a typical day in your life.What is your daily routine?
Describe your activities from the time you wake up until the time
you retire to bed.
2. From what sources do you receive the majority of your
information about the world?
3. Do you have any close friends? If so, would you describe them
for me?
4. Where were you raised?
5. What are your most vivid childhood memories?
6. Describe those physical characteristics that you find most
attractive. Could you describe someone that you find beautiful?
7. From which racial/ethnic groups are you descended?
8. How do you self-identify? [If they didn’t give a racial/color
identity] How do you self-identify in terms of race/color?
9. Could you explain how you determine someone’s racial identity.
10. What does it mean to be ‘‘’’ [the color/race of how they
11. Are you seen as ‘‘’’ [the color/race of how they
self-identify] by persons who do not know you?
12. How do you determine if one is an Indian?
13. Are there differences between Indians and non-Indians? Explain.
14. Do you think an Indian has a different perspective than
15. In general, what do persons who are not Indians think about
16. How are Indians represented on television, in the schools, etc.?
What do you think about these representations?
17. Do Indians encounter problems in Brazil? If so, explain to me
what some of the primary ones are.
18. Is (was) it your preference to marry an Indian? Is (was) it your
family’s preference?
19. [Indians] If you had married a non-Indian, would your children
have been Indian? [Non-Indians] If you had married an Indian,
would your children have been Indian?
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