1. Describe a typical day in your life.What is your daily routine?
Describe your activities from the time you wake up until you
retire to bed.
2. From what sources do you receive the majority of your
information about events in Brazil?
3. Describe those physical characteristics that you find most
attractive. Could you describe someone that you find beautiful?
4. Do you attend church? If yes, which church? How frequently?
5. How would you define the term branco (white)?
6. How would you define the term negro/preto (black)?
7. Could you explain how you determine someone’s racial identity?
8. How would you define racism? Could you provide specific
examples of what you would consider an act of racism?
9. As a child growing up, what did you learn about racism from
your family? From friends? Could you provide a specific
10. What were you explicitly taught about racial inequality at school?
11. Have you thought about what you are going to teach your
children about racism? If you currently have children, what have
you taught them about racism?
12. Do you (or have you) ever discussed racism with your friends?
13. Is racism the subject of conversations today in your social circle?
14. Do you think that racism exists here inVasalia? Why? Could you
provide a specific example?
15. Have you ever personally encountered racism? Explain the
circumstances. Have you ever encountered racism outside of
16. If yes to question 15, could you describe how you responded to
this act of racism?
17. Do you have any other examples of racism that you have not
personally encountered that you would like to share?
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