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2 The minister of war had granted the Pataxó Hã-Hã-Hãe legal title to 36,000 hect-
ares of land in 1926. By 1997, this had been whittled down to just 1,079 hectares.
In December 1996, a federal judge had ruled that an additional 788 hectares was
legally theirs (Francisco, ‘‘Para Fazendeiro, Ocupação Foi Ilegal’’).
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6 They would later claim that they had been inspired to commit what they referred
a show had aired (Bernardes, ‘‘‘Pegadinha’ Deu Idéia de Queimar Índio’’).
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13 ‘‘Surveys of the i.b.g.e., a Brazilian economic institute, suggest that the richest
nation’s wealth, while the poorest twenty percent account for about two percent.
cent of the national income, and the poorest twenty percent have five percent’’
(Cohen, ‘‘Brazil Pays to Shield Currency’’).
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15 This is how they were described in court by a number of ‘‘upstanding citizens’’
(Bernardes, ‘‘Testemunha AfirmaTerVisto Pano Sobre Índio’’).
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18 This is also the name, as I mentioned, of the municipality from which dos San-
tos came.
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20 ‘‘Intheharshworldof[the]sixteenthcentury,slaverywasanacceptedinstitution.
It had been justified philosophically since Aristotle.Universities included slavery
in the civil law inherited from the Romans. Most Europeans accepted slavery as
a condition of certain inferior peoples.They were convinced of the superiority of
Christianity and European civilization over all others. Some theorists argued that
Brazilian Indians were inferior, since they were less sophisticated than Europeans
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