figure 1. Carlos Cortez’s linocut of Lucy Parsons 3
figure 2. Carlos Cortez’s linocut of Ricardo Flores Magón 5
figure 3. Carlos Cortez’s linocut of Ben Fletcher 7
figure 4. Carlos Cortez’s “General Strike” poster 10
figure 5. Episode of Ernest Riebe’s Mr. Block comic 13
figure 6. “The Doom of Anarchy—Suicide of Lingg, One of the Condemned,
by Means of a Dynamite Cap” 38
figure 7. “Louis Lingg’s Terrible Death” 39
figure 8. Nina Van Zandt, August Spies, and Cook County jail interior 46
figure 9. “Illinois—The Anarchist- Labor Troubles in Chicago—The Police
Charging the Murderous Rioters on the Night of May 4th” 49
figure 10. “Illinois—The Anarchist-Labor Troubles in Chicago—Police Patrol
Wagon Attacked by a Mob of 12,000 Rioters, May 3d” 49
figure 11. “Illinois—The Recent Troubles in Chicago—The Police Capturing
Leading Anarchists at One of their Dens, No. 616 Centre Avenue” 50
figure 12. “Illinois—The Anarchist Trials at Chicago—A Scene at Police
Headquarters—Photographing Criminals” 51
figure 13. “Affecting Interview between Parsons and His Little Daughter” 53
figures 14, 15, anD 16. “The Law Vindicated—Four of the Chicago
Anarchists Pay the Penalty of their Crime—Scenes in the Cook County Jail
before and at the Moment of Execution” 55
figure 17. “Illinois—The Funeral of the Anarchists at Chicago, Sunday,
November 13th—Captain Black Delivering the Oration in Waldheim
Cemetery” 57
figure 18. Frontispiece of Life of Albert R. Parsons 59
figure 19. Portrait of Lulu Eda Parsons 60
figure 20. Portrait of Albert Parsons Jr. 60
figure 21. Illustration of letter Parsons wrote to his children 60
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