Notes: Illustrations are listed by page number. Jacques Henri Lartigue’s photographs
are untitled, although they are accompanied by captions in the albums. All of Lar-
tigue’s photographs, album pages, and journals are courtesy of the Donation Jacques
Henri Lartigue.

3 Swan Ferry, photograph by Michael Kenna, 2001. Stephen Wirtz Gallery.
7 Young Roland Barthes, photograph as reproduced in Roland Barthes par
Roland Barthes Paris: Éditions du Seuil, 1975. Reprinted by permission of
Georges Borchardt, Incorporated.
9 Book of Instructions on Needlework and Knitting, photograph by Abelardo
Morell, 2001. Bonni Benrubi Gallery.
17 Ernestine Nadar, photograph by Nadar (Gaspard Félix Tournachon), ca.
1890, photograph as reproduced in Barthes’s La Chambre claire. Paris: Édi-
tions du Seuil, 1980. Centre des Monuments Nationaux, Paris.
21 Portrait of young Marcel Proust, photograph by Paul Nadar, 1887. Centre
des monuments nationaux, Paris.

My Book Has a dIsease
25 Lartigue reading to his son Dani, photograph by Jacques Henri Lartigue,
29 Clementina Maude reading at 5 Princes Gardens, photograph by Clemen-
tina Hawarden, ca. 1862–63. Victoria and Albert Museum.
31 Hydroglider, photograph by Jacques Henri Lartigue, 1904.
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