Archival Material
New York
Center for Migration Studies. Staten Island.
001,027,028: American Committee on Italian Migration.
City College Oral History Research Project. "New York City Immigrant Labor
Oral History Collection." Tamiment Library.
International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union Archives.
(I consulted the Archives when they were still in New York City. They have
since been transferred to the New York State School of Industrial and Labor
Relations at Cornell University.
box and file numbers are indicated
in the notes as, e.g., Dubinsky 30:2.)
Presidents' Correspondence:
Benjamin Schlesinger. 1914-23, 1928-32.
Morris Sigman. 1923-28.
David Dubinsky. 1932-66.
Louis Stulberg. 1966-75.
Local Managers' Correspondence:
Local9-Cloak and Suit Finishers, NYC. Isidore Sorkin, 1933-41; Louis
Hyman, 1942-51.
Local10-Cutters, NYC. Isidore Nagler, 1939-52; Moe Falikman, 1952-
Local 22-Dressmakers' Union. Collection 32/22/15; Collection 32/22/
57 (Education Dept.); also, see Zimmerman below.
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