This book was made pos si ble by the generous support of many friends
and colleagues. Much of the writing was done over the course of research
leaves provided by the College of William and Mary, and I thank the col-
lege for its support. I have also benefited from invitations to pres ent parts
of this work at the Universities of Chicago, Michigan, and Western Michi-
gan; the Mas sachusetts Institute of Technology; the Radcliffe Exploratory
Seminar; the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University
of London; and the Weltkulturen Museum, in Frankfurt am Main. I am
grateful for these invitations and for the generous comments I received
from these diverse audiences.
A number of scholars have offered their critical support. I presented
vari ous essays that would become parts of this book at the 2008 and 2009
Symposia on Con temporary Perspectives in Anthropology. I would like to
thank, in par ticular, Misty Bastian, Tim Burke, Grey Gundaker, Dorothy
Hodgson, Janet MacIntosh, Adeline Masquelier, and Rachel Reynolds for
their insights at those events. At vari ous conferences I have benefited
from the com pany and comments of Judith Farquhar, Robert Foster, Cris-
tina Grasseni, Donna Haraway, Deborah Heath, Karen Ho, Hannah Lan-
decker, Laura Lewis, Paul Manning, Anne Meneley, Diane Nelson, Harris
Solomon, Amy Trubek, and Harry West. Kriszti Fehérváry, in addition to
always being an enthusiastic supporter of my work as well as a font of sto-
ries about the Hungarian devotion to pork products, did me the tremendous
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