A C k n o w l e d g M e n t s
Wholehearted gratitude to Mark de Silva for bringing us to the
attention of the opinion page of the New York Times, where our
piece “Reclaiming Travel” originally appeared as an editorial, and
to Peter Catapano and Simon Critchley for their savvy editing
of it. Gracias to Miriam Angress, our editor at Duke University
Press, for visualizing the piece as a full-length book, for reading
it with unending enthusiasm in its various stages, and for ready-
ing it for the editing pro cess. The comments she requested from
an assortment of anonymous readers allowed us to sharpen our
argument. Their insight and professionalism are admirable. We
feel in debt. Thanks also to our production editor, Liz Smith, for
shepherding the volume through production, and to Karen Fisher
for an ea gle eye as copyeditor. In and of itself, the making of
Reclaiming Travel has been a memorable journey.
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