aC knowledgments

In the academic world we get rewarded for scholarship we author. How-
ever, behind our individuated authorial signature are those who helped,
supported, inspired, and participated in dialogue. Because this particular
work of scholarship bearing my name has been long in the making, I have
many helpers, supporters, models of inspiration, and interlocutors to ac-
I thank my colleagues and students at the University of Texas– Austin
and Dartmouth College, the two institutions at which I taught during the
researching and writing of this book. Some of the research, as well as the
first articles and conference papers related to Recycled Stars, were started
while I was at ut, where I was lucky to work with many bright graduate
students who are now my colleagues in the field. Though I cannot thank
them all by name, some were working on smart projects that helped me
think more productively about my own: Michael DeAngelis, Diane Negra,
Nabeel Zuberi, Susan Murray, Anne Morey, Christina Lane, L. Clare Brat-
ten, Jennifer Holt, Cynthia Meyers, Ken Feil, Walter Metz, Jennifer Bean,
Joanne Hershfield, Susan McLeland, Megan Mullen, Eric Schaefer, Eithne
Johnson, and Rosalie Horton. I was also lucky to engage in lively conver-
sations about my work with my ut colleagues Janet Staiger, Horace New-
comb, Tom Schatz, Charles Ramirez- Berg, Nikhil Sinha, Bridget Murnane,
and Helen De Michel. In particular Janet’s early support of many of the
ideas that eventually made their way here gave me needed confidence.
Dartmouth gave me generous support, including a Junior Faculty Fellow-
ship, at the right moment in researching and writing much of this book. I
thank Al LaValley, professor emeritus, for being an early supporter of this
work. I always have fun discussing all things star- related with my Film and
Media Studies colleague and friend Amy Lawrence, who has written some
pretty sharp scholarship in this area herself. Peter Ciardelli helped me, with
kindness and humor, to capture the frame grabs that illustrate many of the
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