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2. Adam Carolla on Dancing with the Stars, April 8, 2008. That advice appears
repeatedly on the Internet, sometimes credited to Eleanor Roosevelt without fur-
ther specification.
3. “Pretty and witty and gay” is in the lyrics for the movie version of “I Feel
Pretty.” The original version for the stage production had the line as “Pretty and
witty and bright,” which was changed for the 1961 movie. According to the Inter-
net Movie Database’s trivia for West Side Story, “bright” was changed to “gay” be-
cause the scene of the song was changed from nighttime to daytime for the movie,
and the primary goal was to switch the rhyming word “tonight” to “today.” See This apparently then- trivial switch got new attention in
2006 when a Nike ad using the song chose the version that had the word “bright,”
setting off, because of the now well- known movie version, a debate about whether
that choice was homophobic.
4. Meshell Ndegeocello’s “If That’s Your Boyfriend (He Wasn’t Last Night),” on
Plantation Lullabies (Maverick Records, 1993). Queen Pen, Girlfriend (1997) on My
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5. On the history of roller derby, including an early version with male entrepre-
neurs and skaters competing in female and male pairs, and the recent develop-
ment first as a banked- track and then a flat- track sport for women, see Coppage,
Roller Derby to Rollerjam; Joulwan, “Melicious.”
6. “Titanium Unleashed! Enter Now to Win a Stick,” an e- mail ad sent through
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I. Seeing and Getting
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3. wtf: What the fuck?
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