As this book details, one result of a decade increasingly immersed in adult
figure skating is that I often think of myself as “a skater who,” bumping
teacher and writer down on the list. So I begin within my skating com-
munities. At my home rink, the Portland Ice Arena (pia) in Portland,
Maine, Lynda Hathaway runs one of the most welcoming programs for
adult skaters that I have encountered, and she helped bring a new dimen-
sion to my research by inviting me to become a volunteer coaching assis-
tant. Thanks to everyone on Sunday night adult ice whom I’ve gotten to
coach, skate with, and be coached by, and to so many others on public ice,
freestyle ice, and club ice there and at Family Ice Center down the road.
I could hardly begin to name them, but the adult skaters, and former
kid skaters who turned into adults, include Mark Bettney, Dave Brook,
Judy Fisher (accessorizing entourage extraordinaire), Teresa Henderson,
Kathleen Janick, Allison Johnston, Amy Kaplan, Jennifer Lenardson,
Dave Leonard, James Light, Laura Smith Martineau, Heather McGrath
(who explained to me, among so many helpful tidbits to a new skater, that
a fancy guy needed to sharpen my skates), Joe McGrath, Ed Morin, Elena
Morrow- Spitzer, Diane Nugent, Janet O’Toole, Caroline Allam Paras, Lori
Sheldon, Val Smith- Punsky and Anna Welch (the other two members of
the Fab Femme Fatales competition team), Molly Spindler, Norma Ware
(who found me at public skating and helped me relearn some basics),
and Glenda Winn. Our skating lives are diminished without John Walker,
Tom Beckman, and Dave Brook, who died over the last several years.
Thanks to the kids I have had the chance to (stop being scared to) skate
with, to the parents I got to know, who occasionally stepped in when I
needed a skating mom myself, and to the staff and volunteers at both
(and all) rinks who make skating possible, whether in the office, on the
Zamboni, or during late nights at the computer, including Sharon In-
galls, D. J. Whitten, Rob Carrier, Mike Blanck, Anthony Reynolds, Luane
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