In the long process of writing this book, I have benefited from the support,
inspiration, and critical input of a large number of people. They have, each
in their own way, contributed to my understanding of what it means to bear
The book began as an independent study with Chris Straayer early in my
graduate career at New York University. As the project morphed into a dis-
sertation, her deep commitment to my scholarship, coupled with her encour-
agement to take intellectual risks, has nourished this work all the way to its
present form. Furthermore, her dedication to using teaching and scholarship
to help sustain queer media from the margins has served as a powerful model
for my own practice. Other faculty members at New York University provided
vital insight and guidance, particularly those who served on my dissertation
committee: Toby Miller was an important early influence on my graduate
studies, while Anna McCarthy would consistently ask the right questions, the
difficult ones that you dread because you know they need to be addressed. I
was also very fortunate to have Ann Cvetkovich and Michael Renov serve as
external committee members, given the major influence of their scholarship
on this project.
At Syracuse University, Steve Cohan continues to be an invaluable col-
league and a wonderful mentor through his cogent feedback, intellectual
comradeship, and savvy professional advice. I also received very construc-
tive commentary on several parts of this book from a faculty writing group
facilitated by my generous colleague Susan Edmunds. The other members of
the group whom I thank include Monika Siebert, Mike Goode, Amy Schrager
Lang, Claudia Klaver, Linda Shires, Bob Gates, Gail Hamner, Jolynn Parker,
and Sarah Brouillette. My ideas about queer
media have additionally
benefited from the students in several courses I have taught at Syracuse Uni-
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