contributor biographies
geoff baker
received his Ph.D. in colonial Latin American music from Royal Hollo-
way, University of London. He was appointed Leverhulme Research Fellow in the same
university in 2003 and lecturer in music in 2005. He is working on a book on Cuban hip-
hop and reggaetón for Duke University Press.
tego calderón
is a hip-hop and reggaeton artist born in Puerto Rico in 1972. He
has been hailed as ‘‘reggaeton’s leading innovator’’ by the New York Times and ‘‘reg-
gaeton’s Bob Marley’’ by Rolling Stone.
carolina caycedo
was born in 1978 in London, and lives and works in Puerto Rico.
She responds to the e√ects of global capitalism with an artistic practice rooted in
processes of communication, movement, and exchange. She has exhibited worldwide,
including at the Whitney Biennial 2006 (New York); J’en Reve, Cartier Foundation for
Contemporary Art (Paris); and the Venice Biennial 2003 (Italy).
jose davila
currently works as a content editor for Fania Records and writes for the
Village Voice, Vibe, Houston Press, Dallas Observer, Miami New Times, and the Broward
New Times. Davila is the former host of the reggaeton broadband show Barrio 305 and
lives in Miami Beach.
jan fairley
is an independent scholar who works as a music writer, journalist,
broadcaster, and lecturer. An Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Popular Music, Uni-
versity of Liverpool, she has been researching in Cuba since 1978 and in various parts of
South America (Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru) since 1971. A member of the
editorial board of Popular Music (cup) since 1988, she is at present book reviews editor.
Her most recent scholarly publication is ‘‘ ‘Ay Dios, Ampárame’ (O God, Protect Me):
Music in Cuba during the 1990s’’ in the book Island Musics (Berg Publishers, 2004)
edited by Kevin Dawe. She has worked extensively for bbc radio and writes on music for
Songlines, fRoots, the Scotsman, and the Guardian newspapers.
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