Eeva Berglund received her doctorate in anthropology from Cambridge Univ
and currently writes for academic and nonacademic audiences on environment
technoscience, and identity politics. She is the author of Knowing Nature, Kn
Science (1998), Ethnographies of Conservation: Environmentalism and the Distribut
Privilege (coedited with David G. Anderson [2003)].
Aletta Biersack is professor of anthropology at the University of Oregon. She
editorof Ecologies for Tomorrow (1999), Papuan Borderlands (1995), and Clio in Oc
J. Peter Brosius is associate professor, Department of Anthropology, and direc
the Conservation and Community Lab at the Universityof Georgia. He is the a
of After Duwagan? Deforestation, Succession, and Adaptation in Upland Luzon, P
pines (1990).
Michael R. Dove istheMargaretK.MusserProfessorofSocialEcologyandpro
of anthropology at Yale University. He has carried out research in West Kalima
Indonesia, in Central Java, and in Pakistan on human use of tropical forests and
environmental knowledge, and contemporary and historical environmental relat
James B. Greenberg isSeniorResearchAnthropologistintheBureauofApplie
search in Anthropology at the University of Arizona. He is the author of Sant
Sword: Chatino Peasant Religion and Economics (1981), Blood Ties: Life and Viole
Rural Mexico (1989), and he is coeditorof the Journal of Political Ecology.
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