acjm Asociación Católica de la Juventud Mexicana, or the Catholic Association
of Young Mexican Men; one of the three groups founded to re-Christianize
Mexico by countering the revolutionary project, its involvement in the
Cristero War led the episcopate to firmly subordinate it to the
acm Acción Católica Mexicana, or Mexican Catholic Action; the umbrella
group for all o≈cially sanctioned Catholic lay groups, founded in 1929, it
absorbed most organized, formal lay organizations
ahpec Archivo Historico Plutarco Elías Calles
anpf Asociación Nacional de Padres de Familia or National Association of Par-
ents; another Catholic parents organization founded to oppose socialist
anple Asociacion Nacional Pro-Libertad de Enseñanza; another Catholic parents
groups founded to oppose socialist education, it was semi-autonomous,
and some local chapters were implicated in segunda violence
ccm Confederación Campesina Mexicana; founded in 1933 by supporters of
Lázaro Cárdenas, it was the forerunner of the peasant wing of the corpo-
ratist structure of the ruling party
cem Conferencia del Episcopado Mexicano, or Mexican Episcopal Conference,
the governing body of the Church in Mexico
cnc Confederación Nacional Campesina, or National Peasant Confederation
cprg Confederación de Partidos Revolucionarios de Guanajuato, or Con-
federation of Revolutionary Parties of Guanajuato, party founded by ci-
vilian classical Liberals in Guanajuato by combining local parties
crd Conflictos Religiosos por Diócesis
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