In August 2010, Don Omar released a music video of his new single, “Danza
Kuduro,” featuring France- based Portuguese artist, Lucenzo, on the Inter-
net platform YouTube for U.S. and Latin Ame rica. The song immediately
gained tremendous popularity, with 250,000 YouTube hits the first day
(Lucenzo official website). “Danza Kuduro” became a hit of the summer,
reaching number one on several Billboard music charts including Latin Pop
Songs, Tropical Songs, and Latin Rhythm songs. Internationally, it charted
in places like Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Israel, Spain, France, and
Sweden. For their efforts, Don Omar and Lucenzo received nominations
for several prestigious awards, including Latin Grammys and Latin Bill-
board awards, winning Billboard awards for Song of the Year and Digital
Song of the Year. The music video continues to have millions of hits on
YouTube and is widely recognized as one of the Latin music videos most
viewed on the website.
“Danza Kuduro” is one of Don Omar’s top reggaetón hits. Like col-
leagues Ivy Queen, Daddy Yankee, and Tego Calderón, Don Omar has had
a long career that began with the release of his first studio album, The Last
Don in 2003. Born William Omar Landrón Rivera, Don Omar grew up in
the Villa Palmeras neighborhood in San Juan. As a teenager, he left home to
join the Protestant church as a youth pastor for several years before dedicat-
ing himself to reggaetón. The Last Don sold more than one million copies
and inspired the production of a live version, Last Don Live. Don Omar has
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