This book is the result of a collective work of friends, comrades, and col-
I want to particularly thank Adrian Johnston, Frank Ruda, Sead
Zimeri, Gabriel Tupinambá, Henrik Jøker Bjerre, Geoff Pfeifer and
Agon Hamza for spending a great deal of time discussing numerous as-
pects of this volume from its beginning.
I thank Courtney Berger and Erin Hanas from Duke University Press
for their help and guidance.
Finally, I want to thank Slavoj Žižek. While his books remain, undis-
putedly, the best introduction and commentary to his own work, serving
as one of the few examples today of what it means to partake in the public
use of Reason, Slavoj’s philosophy has given us both a cause to think and
to return to the truly philosophical questions of today, as well as a cause
to organize ourselves and come together.
I dedicate this book to Stojan Pelko.
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