Editorial Note
The essays which follow contain interpretations of Uruguayan culture as
viewed by their authors in March 1986. When the contributors to this
volume were invited to revise them for the English-language edition, four of
them chose to incorporate references to subsequent events: while Kaufman
first updated his essay to reflect his views at a later moment, then added a
postscript, Sosnowski and Weinstein did only the latter, and Achugar ap-
pended to his original comments a second article, written at a later date and
reflective of a different state of mind. The remaining authors preferred to let
their words stand as testimony to their states of mind at a particular moment
in Uruguayan history, rather than produce updates which themselves were
certain to
outdated by the time they appeared in print. So as to guide our
readers with respect to the multiple chronological perspectives thus repre-
sented here, we have included at the end of each essay one or more dates of
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