Appendix A
National Health Regulations (IVF) 1987
Translated from Hebrew by the author. After a brief explanation of
terms, the regulations read as follows:
a. No person shall take an egg from the body of a woman, fertilize,
freeze, or implant it in the body of a woman except in a recognized
department in accordance with these regulations.
b. The director (of the ministry of health) is entitled to establish forms
that must be filled out for purposes of these regulations.
3. Eggs can be taken only for the purpose of fertilization and
implantation after fertilization.
4. Eggs shall be taken only for whom the following conditions exist:
a. The patient is involved in medical treatment as the result of fertility
b. A responsible doctor determines that the taking of an egg will
advance this treatment.
5. No doctor shall fertilize an egg that was taken except with sperm
that was intended in advance for fertilization, and that was received in
accordance with the directives of the director, either from a donor, or
from her husband, or from a sperm bank as stated in National Health
Regulations regarding sperm banks.
6. An egg taken from a married woman will not be fertilized with
donor sperm except with written consent of the woman and her
7. The egg of a donor will not be fertilized with the sperm of the
husband of the woman in whom it will be implanted without the
advance written consent both from the wife and from the husband,
and the egg was taken from a donor who has met all the conditions of
regulation 4.
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