The translators thank Cai Xiang for being such a wonderful interlocutor and
such a hands- off but helpful author through the translation process. We have
talked much, eaten well, and drunk quantities of good tea together in the sev-
eral years during which this project has come to fruition. Xueping and Rebecca
also have each other to thank for an entirely enjoyable collaboration. The trust
we all three had among ourselves made our endeavor one of comradely en-
thusiasms and learning experiences.
The translators are most grateful to Adrian Thieret for translating part of the
conclusion for two different publications. We have completed the translation.
As it appears in this volume, it is substantially different from its previously
published form. We would like to note here, however, its previous incarna-
tions: “The Crisis of Socialism and Efforts to Overcome It,” in Culture and
Social Transformation: Theoretical Framework and Chinese Context, edited by
Cao, Zhong, Liao, Wang (Leiden: Brill, 2014), 241– 62; and with the same title
in Debating the Socialist Legacy and Capitalist Globalization in China, edited by
Zhong and Wang (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014), 85– 108. We also are
extremely grateful to Chen Xi at the University of Toronto and Xu Daoheng
at Shanghai University for their editorial assistance. They tracked down cita-
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