Appendix 2
Positions of the Three Most Important Social Voices
on October 13, 2003
Coalition for the Defense and Recuperation of Gas
Document: “Out with Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada, stop the massacre, popu-
lation mobilization to achieve economic apolitical changes”
Document’s resolutions:
The social organizations call for immediate and permanent mobilization in
Cochabamba and across the country starting today to support the following
1. Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada’s immediate resignation for being a traitor
and a murderer. To preserve democracy, the proposed presidential
succession is outlined in the political constitution of the state. We
maintain that dialogue is not possible as long as he remains in office.
2. Installation of a new government within the constitutional framework
that commits to the following:
a. Repeal of Supreme Decree 26415 from August 4, 1997
b. Immediate modification of the Hydrocarbons Law to allow their
recuperation for Bolivians
c. Immediate suspension of any negotiation regarding gas and the free
trade agreement with Chile
d. Convocation of the Constituent Assembly as the way to recover
participatory democracy for the people.
3. Rejection of the decree that the government issued this morning, which
once again constitutes a ruse and a provocation of the people, because in
reality it means “I will consult with you, but I decide.”
Bolivian Peasant Trade Union Confederation (CSUTCB)
Document: “With the pain and the death of our brothers, a protest march is
coming from the communities.”
Document’s instructive facts and considerations:
Sánchez de Lozada’s government continues to trample the voice of indigenous
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