There are numerous people and institutions both in Mexico as well as in
Bolivia to thank for their support, solidarity, criticism, and encouragement
in this project. In Bolivia my primary gratitude is to the Coalition for the De‑
fense of Water and Life, to Oscar Olivera, and to the men and women from
Cochabamba’s neighborhoods and valleys. With them I learned, imagined,
discussed, and promoted many of the issues that I am now presenting in an
organized and somewhat more rigorous way. Also in Bolivia I am profoundly
grateful to the Aymara men and women from Omasuyos, Camacho, Ingavi,
and Los Andes and to the miners from Caracoles and Chojlla, whose fate I
shared for nearly two decades, for all they taught me and for how they helped
me grow.
For this research, special thanks go to Luis Gómez and Marxa Chávez for
their invaluable support, constant criticism, and dear friendship. Without the
two of them, who shared their eyes and hands with me in Bolivia, this re‑
search would have never been completed. I thank Fabiola Escárzaga for her
constant companionship and the strength she gave me in 2006 during my re‑
turn visit to Bolivia. In La Paz, Dunia Mokrani, Luis Tapia, Claudia Espinoza,
and Pablo Mamani helped me, more than they know, with their comments,
hints, and suggestions. I also thank Raúl Zibechi and Colectivo Situaciones
for their comments and critiques on the rough draft of this book.
Here, where I was born, I am deeply grateful to the Mexican people who
worked to finance the grant number 174119 that the National Council on Sci‑
ence and Technology (conAcyt) awarded me between October 2004 and
February 2008. This research would not have been possible without that sup‑
port. I also sincerely thank the Social Sciences and Humanities Institute of
the Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla for its openness, constant
support, and warmth. Two of my teachers from the institute deserve special
mention, John Holloway and Sergio Tischler, dear friends who always chal‑
lenge me in our discussions. I want to give special thanks to Carlos Figueroa,
coordinator of the graduate degree in sociology at the Institute of Social Sci‑
ences and Humanities–Autonomous University of Puebla ICSyH‑buAP, for
his always friendly willingness to work with me on my project.
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