This is a selected list of recordings by many of the artists who h
been affiliated with the Black Rock Coalition over the years. It
compiled by Maureen Mahon and Antero Garcia. For a more comp
discography of black rock and funk bands, see Vincent 1996. Man
the artists on the list maintain Web pages.
bl ack rock coali t ion
1991: The History of Our Future. Rykodisc.
1993: Blacker Than That. brc Records.
2000: The Bronze Buckeroo Rides Again. brc Records.
jean-paul bourelly
1988: Jungle Cowboy. Winter and Winter.
1992: Trippin’. Enemy.
1994: Saints and Sinners. diw.
1994: Blackadelic-Blu. diw.
1995: Tribute to Jimi. Koch International.
1997: Fade to Cacophony: Live. Evidence.
1998: Rock the Cathartic Spirits: Vibe Music and Blues. Koch International.
2001: Boom Bop. Jazz Magnet.
2002: Trance Atlantic (Boom Bop II). Challenge.
burnt sugar, t he arkestra chamber
2000: Blood on the Leaf. Trugroid.
2001: That Depends on What You Know: The Crepescularium. Trugroid.
2001: That Depends on What You Know: Fubractive Since. Trugroid.
2001: That Depends on What You Know: The Sirens Return. Trugroid.
2003: The Rites: Conductions Inspired by Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du Printemps.
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