Never in my wildest dream had I ever thought of writing a book.
But I knew I had a story inside of me. Having been requested by Jocelyne to
work together on this project, I said yes without even thinking. The idea of
this book is to educate and inform, especially the younger ones, and also the
elders to give a sense of where we were to where we are at this time and also
to acknowledge some of the very great people that have passed through this
blessed land. I want to say thanks to the University of the West Indies and
Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Clement Sankat and his assistant, Mrs. Betty
McComie; Mr. Dennis Ramdeen; Mr. Ainsworth Mohammed; all the mu-
sicians past and present in the band; and my special singer, Miss Destra
Garcia. Much thanks to Trinidad and Tobago for giving the strength when
it seemed that strength was not there.
I want to give special thanks to Mr. Jnr. Bisnath of Kaisokah Moko Jum-
bies for his work in developing the youth of the nation. Thanks to you,
Junior, for your wonderful contribution. Thanks to my wife Cheryl, my
daughter Juliana, my sons Roy and David, my baby girl Jo- Ann, my brothers
and sisters and my grandkids, and my sister Elizabeth for keeping our family
together. To all the promoters with whom I have worked over the years, I say
thanks for keeping us working and to the people of Grenada for accepting
me as a son of Grenada and also to the other Caribbean islands that have
helped to sustain us through the years. And most important, to the Sisters
of St. Dominic’s Home, singling out Sister Paul Clarke, Sister Joseph (Marie
Thérèse Rétout, op), and Sister Arlene for their love in bringing up so many
children through the years. And to all the other Homes who have developed
some of the best musicians that we have seen in our land.
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