I never thought that I would be writing a book one day. Being
approached by Jocelyne, I thought about it and I knew that I had a nice
little story to tell about my experiences and the people I have met through
these experiences who had become the pillars of my future development. I
knew that I could then pay tribute to these people who had paved the way
of this path that I have traveled over the past fifty- odd years. I am referring
here to my teacher Sister Paul and to Frankie Francis, Art De Coteau, Sel
Wheeler, Ron Berridge, Beverly Griffith, Earl Rodney, Clive Bradley, Frankie
McIntosh, Pelham Goddard, and Leston Paul, who have been a great part of
my training and the finest arrangers throughout the years.
It was quite challenging to work on this book in many different places—
Port of Spain, Manzanilla, Toronto [Canada], Grenada—at different times
over the years. There was no documentation, and we had to rely on pure
memory of my living experiences. With no preparatory note, I had to dig
deep inside to get back the memory and relive what has already been lived.
All the things that I went through became part of living memories about
the road that would eventually lead me to be maturing in the journey of my
travels. I will also say that, thanks to all the people who have offered their
knowledge and all the facts, we were able to put things together.
I also want to thank Jocelyne for all the time and patience. She has never
once been overwhelmed by the challenges.
This is how we got here.
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