Roy Cape has made hundreds of recordings. What is included here represents a
very select discography of his work with only his own band, sometimes appearing
as Roy Cape Kaiso All Stars and at other times as simply Roy Cape All Stars. As
is now often the case for many soca recordings, in some recent productions
Roy’s lead singers record with only Roy’s band arranger. Their voices are then
accompanied by electronic keyboard and computer- generated sounds. Even in
theses cases, however, Roy Cape All Stars is the executive producer and the title
appears under this name.
Roy Cape Kaiso All Stars. 1990. First Time. Rainbow Wirl.
———. 1995. Highway to Kaiso. Ice Records.
———. 1996. “Judgement Day.” Hotter Than July. crs Music.
———. 1999. 1999. rcslp.
———. 1999. “Dust Dem (Stampede)” featuring Kurt Allen. Soca Stampede.
———. 1999. Ready to Go! Hot Vinyl.
———. 2000. Ready Again. Rituals Music.
———. 2000. “Mudd” featuring Derrick Seales. Jouvay rcrp.
———. 2000. “Rags.” Caribbean Party Rhythms 5. Rituals Music.
———. 2001. Now and Beyond. Hot Vinyl.
———. 2001. “Tremble It,” featuring Destra. Soca Anthems 2. Hot Vinyl.
———. 2001. “Tremble It,” “Doh Take It On (A Horn Is a Horn).” Caribbean Party
Rhythms Six. Rituals Music.
———. 2002. Still Together. Hot Vinyl.
———. 2003. “Fun Cyar Done,” “De Count,” “Friends,” “Pan in Paradise,” and
“Dr. Seales” featuring Derrick Seales, “Stick on It” featuring Esther Dyer,
“Stop D War” and “We Jammin” featuring Blaxx. Various: Band Fever. Trinidad
and Tobago, 2003 Soca Compilation.
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