No book can be written in a vacuum, and we have leaned hard on the
sympathy of friends and colleagues for several years in creating this one.
Some people, however, stand out "like lights upon a candlestick." Wewant to
render special thanks to Bernard S.Bachrach and Patrick]. Geary for painstak-
ing readings of the manuscript and suggestions that proved enormously
helpful. William Daly shared his translation of the life of Genovefa and the
drafts of translations of the lives ofRadegund and Gertrude ofNivelles by the
late John Cox. The members of the Hagiography Group of New York have
been uniformly enlightening in our many meetings. William Tighe provided
aid and comfort in the final stages. We acknowledge the friendly services of
the staffat the Corrigan Library at St.Joseph's Seminary in Dunwoodie, New
York,and the help of the late Magda Gottesman in charge of interlibrary loans
at Hunter College. Richard C. Rowson and Reynolds Smith of Duke Univer-
sity Press have given us warm and unfailing support. The good cheer and
encouragement of Edmund Clingan always command appreciation, never
more so than in his assistance while we made the perilous passage from
typewriter to computer. Finally,in many a stormy hour, we sought comfort
from our respective cats, Pachelbel, Leibniz, Glatisant, Rollo, and Brumaire.
John Halborg and IoAnn McNamara worked together on the initial transla-
tions. Gordon Whatley gave his critical attention to the lives of Genovefa,
Clothild, Monegund, Radegund, Rusticula, and Balthild. The scriptural cita-
tions and liturgicalnotes are byJohn Halborg. The remaining notes, the Intro-
duction, and the introductions to each saint's life are by
Ann McNamara.
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